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Allnet Insights & Analytics is the leading authority on US wireless spectrum ownership. We provide mission critical information about how each carrier’s spectrum can be configured for LTE channels and capacity.


Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool

We offer the Allnet Insights Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool together with national carrier reports. Our reports contain the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information available today, providing you with all the information that you need to make informed decisions.

Our national carrier reports provide month-to-month tracking of each national carrier’s spectrum holdings, available LTE channels and peak downlink throughput for the 100 most populated markets in the United States. These reports are delivered to you as Excel workbooks, and offer your business valuable insight that reduces time and money spent researching the hundreds of FCC transactions that occur with the National Wireless carriers.

The Allnet Insights Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is an advanced visualization instrument that gives users the ability to view and analyze the current and future spectrum ownership for the Broadcast TV bands, Mobile Carrier bands and the Small Cell Backhaul bands.  In each of these versions spectrum ownership is detailed for individual counties for each of the licensed and leasing carriers.  In all more than 1000 carriers or licensees can be evaluated between the three versions. The Broadcast TV version covers both the VHF and UHF bands, the Mobile Carrier version covers the 700MHz, SMR/Cellular, PCS, AWS, WCS, EBS, and BRS bands as well as the pertinent satellite bands.  The Small Cell Backhaul version covers both LMDS frequency bands and the 39 GHz band.  This valuable information is instantly available via a downloaded link, giving you instant access to the information in an easy to read format.

Our analysis tools and reports offer independent spectrum analysis that far surpasses information currently in use by the national wireless carriers. Allnet Insights and Analysis gives you the information you need to manage your wireless business with confidence.