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We are currently shipping AllNet Insights' Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool - August 2015.  This version includes spectrum holdings updates as of August 1, 2015 as well as pending spectrum transactions posted to the FCC through July 31, 2015 including all of the transaction details from the recent Verizon / T-Mobile transaction.

The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is an Excel based product which allows users to visualize and analyze the current spectrum ownership for all of the mobile carrier and satellite frequency bands at a county level for all 50 states and US territories.  The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool provides analysis for over 580 US carriers.  The tool includes a graphical view of the spectrum ownership within a county (Spectrum Grid), a tabular summary of the spectrum holders within each market by spectrum band (County Analysis), a tabular summary of an individual carriers spectrum holdings by band (Carrier Analysis), a tabular summary of a carriers MHz-POPs by county (MHz-POPs Analysis), and a calculation of the types (5x5, 10x10, 15x15, or 20x20) and quantities of LTE channels that a carrier's contiguous spectrum would enable them to offer (LTE Channel Analysis).  If you are interested in market level analysis, the Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool includes Cellular Market Area (CMA Market Analysis), Economic Area (EA Market Analysis), and Partial Economic Area (PEA Market Analysis) modules. Each of  the county and market analysis modules provide spectrum depth analysis for 8 user selected carriers. The Market Analysis modules apply a population weighted average to the county-level spectrum ownership data to arrive at a market average.


The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is provided with 3 sources of analysis data; FCC Holdings, Current Holdings, and Future Holdings.  The FCC Holdings is an output of the current information from the FCC Dashboard.   Current Holdings data correct the FCC data for known errors and transactions that have been complete but have not been updated on the FCC Dashboard.  The Future Holdings data reflects the final spectrum ownership state once all FCC filed transactions are completed.  FCC filed transactions are captured from the FCC Daily Digest and reflect entire call sign transactions as well as county and frequency partitions.


Recent Improvements:

Broadcast Channel 51 Licenses:

We have added the license information for TV Broadcast Channel 51.  These are the counties/markets where the 700MHz A-block spectrum owner (often T-Mobile) will need to clear the TV operations on the channel adjacent to their spectrum, to allow LTE operations on the 700MHz A-block channel.  Red cells with the TV call sign indicate that an interference issue likely exists in that county, yellow cells indicate that a transition plan has been filed with the FCC, and green cells will indicate that a transition plan has FCC approval.


Border Counties:

We have added an indication of whether a county or a market borders either Canada or Mexico.  Counties or markets bordering Canada are highlighted in red and the counties or markets bordering Mexico are highlighted in green.  Highlighting these counties and markets provides the user with insights into border interference issues and issues related to sharing spectrum with another operator.


Transitioning Channels Highlighted:

We have utilized lower case carrier codes with the Future Holdings data to identify the channel blocks that have a pending FCC transaction. For a channel that Verizon is acquiring "vw" is used to indicate their pending ownership while "VW" is used for their spectrum not affected by a current transaction.  This enables the user to see the aggregate effects of all the proposed FCC transactions (mergers, trades, and acquisitions).  Many of the proposed transactions between the major carriers provide each carrier with additional contiguous spectrum in a market, enabling the future deployment of a larger LTE channel. 


Below are images from each of the modules:

Spectrum Grid (Low Band)

Spectrum Grid (Mid Band)

Spectrum Grid (High Band)

County Analysis (Total Spectrum Depth/Band Class Spectrum Depth)

County Analysis (Spectrum Depth by Frequency Band)

Company Analysis

CMA Market Analysis (Total Spectrum Depth/Band Class Spectrum Depth)

CMA Market Analysis (Spectrum Depth by Frequency Band)

LTE Channel Analysis