Spectrum Grid Module


The Spectrum Grid Report provides a graphical view of spectrum ownership at a county level.  The data is organized so the counties can be sorted into several different geographical licensing formats (CMA, MTA, BTA, REAG, EA, PEA, CMA, and State).  The carriers with primary spectrum ownership for a county are indicated with a three character code, and those carriers that have a national or regional focus are also color-coded for easy reference.  Primary spectrum ownership is determined to be the carrier whose licenses encompass the largest population for that channel block in that county.  The Spectrum Grid Report includes all of the primary mobile carrier and mobile satellite bands as well as placeholders for additional spectrum that is being discussed.

The Spectrum Grid is useful to visualize not only the amount of spectrum a carrier has within a county but to determine how much is contiguous for large 4G LTE pipes.  For both the AWS and PCS frequency bands potential trading partners can be determined.

The Spectrum Grid also includes the start and stop frequencies for each spectrum channel, whether the channel is used for uplink, downlink, or time-division duplex (TDD) operation, and the 3GPP LTE Band Class and Uplink/Downlink types for each spectrum band.

Frequency Band:

Channel Labels and Bandwidth:

The Channel Label row provides visual reference for how the channels in each band are organized.  Most of the channels (A, B, C...) have been separated into smaller channel blocks to account for the disaggregation of licenses.  For example, the original PCS A channel (15 MHz) has been separated into 6 - 2.5MHz channel blocks (A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, and A11).  The channel labels are color coded so that the original uplink channel and its paired downlink channel have the same color label, highlighting the paired operation. 

The Bandwidth row identifies the bandwidth for the specific a specific channel block.

Spectrum Grid Tabs:

Show Filters Checkbox:

The Show Filters Checkbox enables the display of the filters controlling which counties, which frequency bands, and which data set is displayed in the Spectrum Grid.

Header Rows Checkbox:


Frequencies Checkbox:


Flyover Detail:

Carrier names are revealed if the mouse cursor is held over a grid cell.

Cell Detail:

Spectrum Grid details are available for each cell in the spectrum grid.  Click on the cell to reveal the related call sign as well as the FCC, lease, lease ID, current and future carrier values.