Millimeter Wave - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool (CAN)


The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is an Excel based product which allows users to visualize and analyze the current spectrum ownership for the millimeter wave spectrum bands at a service area (Tier 4)  level for Canada.  (Click through the images to the left to see each of the analysis module formats). The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool provides analysis for the the nearly 75 licensees in these bands. The tool includes a graphical view of the spectrum ownership within a Tier 4 Service Area (Spectrum Grid), a tabular summary of the spectrum holders within each service area by spectrum band (Service Area Analysis) and a tabular summary of an individual carriers spectrum holdings by band (Carrier Analysis). 

If you are interested in market level analysis, the Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool includes a Tier 2 Market Area (Tier 2 Market Area Analysis), Tier 3 Market Areas (Tier 3 Market Analysis), and Tier 4 Market Area (Tier 4 Market Analysis) module. These modules provide spectrum depth analysis for 8 user selected carriers. The Market Analysis module applies a population weighted average to the county-level spectrum ownership data to arrive at a market average.  To evaluate wireless carrier spectrum ownership for an individual province or the entire nation, our (Province & Country) module is also included. 

Also included are two analysis modules focused on MHz-POPs valuations.  (MHz-POPs Detailed) provides a MHz-POP value for a carrier's total spectrum holdings, holdings by band, and holdings by frequency block; all at a county-level.  (MHz-POPs - Summary) provides national MHz-POPs values for 8 selected carriers organized for side-by-side comparison.

The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is provided with 4 sources of analysis data;  License Holdings, Lease Holdings,  Current Holdings, and Future Holdings.  The License Holdings data represents the current licensee for each block of spectrum.  Lease Holdings reflect the operator that is leasing a block of spectrum including the Lease Identifier.  Current Holdings data represent the current operator of each spectrum block including spectrum leases.  The Future Holdings data includes the proposed ownership changes that have been filed with the FCC.  A new version of the Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is produced by the 5th of each month incorporating all of the previous months updates and transactions.

    The Spectrum Analysis Tool is delivered by download from a Cloud service.  A link for this download will be provided after your payment has been confirmed.  Typically you will have access to the data within the same business day that you process your payment.

    Spectrum Bands included:

    Band Description
    24 GHz 24 GHz
    26/27GHz 26/27GHz
    37/39 GHz 37/39 GHz (Flexible Use)
    38 GHz 38 GHz (Fixed Use)


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