EBS Whitespace Auction Opportunities Tool (2.5GHz)


The EBS Whitespace Auction Opportunities Tool is an Excel-based product which provides insights into the available 2.5GHz unlicensed spectrum for each of the three EBS auction channels.  This tool will allow wireless carriers, telephone companies, internet service providers, and investors to determine amount of population that can be licensed and with our Web Spectrum Viewer, a map indicating each county's unlicensed area.  The EBS Whitespace Auction Opportunities Tool contains two spreadsheets to evaluate the unlicensed areas in each county for each of the EBS auction channels.

The Population worksheet displays the number of people that reside in the unlicensed area for each component channel.  The current 2.5GHz licenses were issued for the A1, A2, ...C3 channels indicated below.  Each component channel could have a different license area and thus a different unlicensed population.  For the EBS Whitespace Auction, the FCC has combined these component channel into 3 wide band channels.  In addition to the unlicensed population for each component channel, the total available MHz-POPs for the full auction channel is provided to the right of the component channel unlicensed population data.

The Population Percentage worksheet displays the percent of each counties unlicensed population compared to the total county population.  A color-coded range from red (0%) to green (100%) provides an visual indication of the available unlicensed population.  

 (Click through the images to the left to see each of the worksheet formats).

The EBS Whitespace Auction Opportunities Tool can be purchased either as a National Edition, or you can purchase states individually.  If 3 states are desired, select Quantity = 3.  With each purchase, a subscription to our Web Spectrum Viewer Mapping module will included through the end of the auction.  With the Web Spectrum Viewer, you will have to a web version of the County - Population Grid or County Population Percentage Grid.  Clicking any cell in the Grid will open a map view, depicting the unlicensed area within a county boundary.

For Douglas County, NV: the unlicensed areas for the A1 channel and B2 channel are displayed below:



The Spectrum Analysis Tool is delivered by download from a Cloud service.  A link for this download will be provided after your payment has been confirmed.  Typically you will have access to the data within the same business day that you process your payment. 

All purchases and subscription are corporate subscriptions where anyone sharing the same email domain as the purchaser will also receive access.

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