Spectrum Depth Mapping - Mobile Carrier



Spectrum Maps are available for purchase for each of the frequency bands below along with maps for each of the band classification sub-totals (low banb, lower mid band, and upper mid band) and a map for the carrier's total Mobile Carrier (sub 6GHz) spectrum depth.

Maps are delivered by email either as .jpeg files or consolidated in a Powerpoint slide deck.  

The carriers and frequencies desired will be determined via email communication following the order.

Band Description
Total Total of All Mobile Carrier Bands
Low Band Sub-total of Low Band Frequencies
600MHz 600MHz
700MHz 700MHz
Cellular/SMR Cellular and SMR
Lw Mid Band Sub-total of Lower Mid band Frequencies
PCS Personal Communication Service
AWS-1 Advanced Wireless Service
AWS-3 Advanced Wireless Service - 3 
AWS-4 Advanced Wireless Service - 4
Up Mid Band Sub-total of Upper Mid band Frequencies
WCS Wireless Communication Service
EBS Educational Broadband Service
BRS Broadband Radio Service
CBRS Citizen Band Radio Service
C-Band C-Band Satellite Service


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