National Carrier Spectrum Holdings Reports - Mobile Carrier Bands


AllNet is the exclusive provider of spectrum ownership information which details carriers current spectrum holdings AND their future spectrum holdings.  We have created our National Carrier reports to provide spectrum ownership insights for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Dish.  

The National Carrier reports reduce the time and money spent researching the effects of hundreds of FCC transactions on the National Wireless Carriers. 

The National Carrier reports provide the month to month tracking of each national carrier’s Spectrum Holdings for the 100 most populated markets in the United States. Each report provides each carrier's Current Holdings and Future Holdings incorporating all announced spectrum acquisitions and spectrum trades.  

In addition, each report highlights the differences between each carrier's current and future holdings; this is helpful to see the effect of acquisitions or trade in providing additional spectrum depth, larger available LTE channels, or increased market downlink capacity. The National Carrier reports are delivered as Excel workbooks showing both summary information for each carrier as well as spectrum band details.

Spectrum Holdings:

The Spectrum Holding Report highlights each carrier's current spectrum ownership by frequency band, their future spectrum ownership (based upon FCC filed transactions and leases), and a section that highlights where spectrum holdings have changed.

Each of these reports is based upon county-level spectrum ownership data from the Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool.  The county-level data is aggregated into Cellular Market Areas (CMA) using a weighted average algorithm.  Each of these reports provide summary level data for each carrier’s current spectrum position and their spectrum position assuming all announced deals are closed.  Also included are detailed ownership breakdowns by spectrum band and a comparison matrix which provides visibility to the market-level changes (proposed-current) for each carrier.


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