Spectrum Grid Report


The Spectrum Grid Report provides a graphical view of spectrum ownership at a county level.  The data is organized so the counties can be sorted into several different geographical licensing formats (CMA, MTA, BTA, REAG, and State).  The carriers with primary spectrum ownership for a county are indicated with a two character code, and those carriers that have a national or regional focus are also color-coded for easy reference.  The Spectrum Grid Report includes all of the primary mobile carrier and mobile satellite bands as well as placeholders for additional spectrum that is being discussed.

The Spectrum Grid is useful to visualize not only the amount of spectrum a carrier has within a county but to determine how much is contiguous for large 4G pipes.  For both the AWS and PCS frequency bands potential trading partners can be determined.

The Spectrum Grid also includes the frequencies for each spectrum channel, the auction method of each channel, and the 3GPP LTE Band Class and Types for each spectrum band.

Special Instructions:  For each of the reports, input in the Special Instructions box the carrier or carriers you want included in the report.  The report will include all of the counties that the carriers you select own spectrum.

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