Spectrum Summary and Spectrum Alerts


Spectrum Summary:

The Spectrum Summary is a weekly emailed report that details the filed assignment transactions (acquisitions) that are filed at the FCC during a week.  The report will be released each Friday detailing the selling party (Assignor), purchasing party (Assignee), the frequency band, channel, and market.  The Spectrum Summary will detail the spectrum transaction that are announced through the FCC Daily Digest each Wednesday.

Spectrum Alerts:

The Spectrum Alerts is a unscheduled report which will alert the subscribers to significant spectrum transactions that are announced outside of the Wednesday Daily Digest.  

Frequency Bands:

Mobile Carrier:

  • 600MHz, 700MHz, Cellular/SMR, PCS, AWS1/2/3/4, WCS, and EBS/BRS 

Millimeter Wave:

  • 12.2GHz, 24GHz, LMDS(28-31GHz), and 39GHz

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